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Dress for the Weather


  • This game will show different types of weather and you have to dress the puppy to go outside! Here are some examples of questions you may ask your child:
    • What is weather like? (point to screen)
    • Is the puppy going to wear a jacket or a t- shirt?
    • Does the puppy need an umbrella or sunglasses?
    • What is the weather like outside our window? > What would we need to wear to go outside?


Garden Shop- Plant a Flower


  • This game will have the child choose what flower they would like to grow and then they can watch it grow on the screen! Here are some things to do to help your child:
    • Click on the ear for the game to read to you.
    • They give a choice of 5 flowers, but you may give them an option of two and have them point to the one they want.
    • It will ask them put the steps in order. You may give them a hint to what they are looking for. For example, you could say “The first step is to put the seeds into the dirt. Which step shows the seeds?”
  • When you are done and push the arrow, it will take you back to the main screen. There are many different things to do on this website! 


Learn with Blippi at a Children’s Museum


  • This is a 30 minute video of Blippi showing different areas in a children’s museum! I know this may be a long video, but it is very informational and you may also skip to different parts. The reason why I love this video so much is because Blippi is always so excited and he asks questions and teaches as he goes!
  • Here are a couple more from Blippi:


Welcome Back Spring! – audio book/sing along


  • This is a short book about a butterfly welcoming back all her friends with the Spring season!
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