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We celebrated Kaden’s birthday on the first day of school.

His birthday was August 15. We are so excited to see him.

Happy Birthday, Kaden!






Mr. Williams and Mrs. Smith are having a weight loss competition. Mrs Smith walked into a table of temptation this morning. We all had a good laugh!





Another fun game. Looks like Eric is trying to sneak a peek! We participated in activities centered around trustworthiness which included art, book reading, playing outside, physical activity and of course, a snack. Most of our junior high students were mentors for the students K-4th. We had a lot of fun.







Jacob working hard on his math assignment                











Our resident artist at work – Kaden









Christopher is studying for his Science test










Khylin is hard at work
on his writing assignment.







Mr. Williams teaching
Government to Austin







Guess who showed up….
To take his writing essentials
mastery test in our class.










Character Counts – Citizenship. Playing board games together.

Khylin said “I would have won if I didn’t have to draw so many cards!”  LOL








Today is his 13th birthday. A new teenager!!










We celebrated Mrs. Rennier’s birthday after Christmas break. It is on December 26th  Happy birthday, Mrs. Rennier!!









We celebrated Christopher’s birthday before Christmas break. It is on December 28th. Happy birthday, Christopher!









We celebrated Austin’s 15th birthday which is on January 16. Happy birthday, Austin.







Look who stopped by so we could celebrate her birthday.
She was our para last year and she did not want to miss a homemade cake for her birthday. Happy birthday Ms. Miller!














Jacob’s Birthday




8th Grade Graduation






Happy Birthday, Austin!




8th Grade Graduates

Congratulations! Mrs. Rennier, Ms. Smith, and Mr. Williams are so proud of these boys.

2021-2022 Awards

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