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November Newsletter

Classroom Pictures

We are learning about energy and circuits.
Mrs. Hoke brought in snap circuits for the boys to make a circuit in science.



We are working on Leprechaun Traps in science. The boys must use 3 simple machines to catch a leprechaun.





January Gonoodle to get some energy out.
Josh the Elf left us a snowball fight the last week before Christmas break.
Watching Home Alone before we left for break.


The Christmas program.

The last day of school the boys got to see Santa if they wanted.

Thanksgiving Dinner



Ms. Pierce’s class made their own Thanksgiving dinner. They planned the meal together. They then went to the local grocery store and purchased the food to make the meal. On the day before Thanksgiving, they helped prepare the food and ate together, family style, in the classroom. The students loved every step of the process!

Halloween Party

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