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Make a Schedule to use each day. ( You can adjust the schedule(s) to fit you and your child’s needs and your routines) and use through the SUMMER.

Possible sites.


Try to choose one option from each section every day.


Here is my schedule I use in the classroom   (slightly adapted)


(25 mins) Manage Belongs and Eat Meal –(Focus on Language, Emotional, and Social)

Sit down to eat ( Work on saying or using device to say more, please, I want, etc. Students quickly help clean-up their meal.

Use this time to talk with your child about the activities of the day


-Student set bowls, plates, silverware on table.

-Make a placemat for your child to use for each meal at the table. (See small group section)

(10mins) Sign in- This is name practice and writing practice. (Focus on Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

Use hand over hand if needed to write the student’s name. (This builds muscle memory.  Don’t forget to let them try after you do



-Pages are in packets.     Choose the activity you want to do today. (see page for ideas)

-Plastic covered name can be used to trace name with dry erase, washable markers, finger! Trace with paint, or line beans..

-Use shaving cream on a cookie sheet to write their name.


 (10mins) Morning Meeting- (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Language)

  1. Sing Rhyme or poem-  March Song is what we are using this month.


  1. Look at a calendar and say month (March begins with m), date, day, and then count to 10 or 20 pointing to the numbers as you go.

(some people use

-Options-             -Calendar- Use a regular calendar or print a cute calendar


  1. Ask child what the weather is and how do we dress for the weather.

Weather activities-


(15mins)  Read a good book  (This is important)  ENJOY YOUR LITTLE ONE. (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Language)

***1. READ to your child

  1.   Ask questions to help students think.        A. How does the character feel?   , How do we know they are sad/happy?

How would you feel?

  1. Point to _______.


  • – Look in the ECE Distance Learning Plan for great ideas)
  • – (Fridays we then watch the book on YouTube) The class likes- com

(25mins) Planning Time, Play time and Clean-up  (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

Don’t forget to have students clean-up  (this is an important skills)  (We even try to have student clean up before they change actives.)


-Ask child “What they want to play” and “How will you play _____?”

(We use pictures for nonverbal students and have them say “Go or press GO”)

-Parents scaffold play.—example-Show how you feed baby, rock baby, change diaper, or take turns, or build road and drive cars on it.

-Build with blocks then  Ask questions-“What if we put this block here? or take away this block?.  Can we drive the car through?”

-Play Dough Activities- Play Dough Power

-Each of your children know the cleanup song on Youtube.  Words are also in packet.

– Use a wagon or a box to help students clean-up.


(10mins) Large Group Time  (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

  1. Poem or Song  (This month we are doing Farmer in the Dell.)


  1. Count some items 1-10 or 1-20 (2 of my students can do more) Cheerios, blocks, pencils, etc (LOOK in your packet)



  1. Alphabet practice. Flashcards   –“/a//a/-apple”,” /b//b/-bell”, “/c//c/-cat”  (Vowels are important do first if you can)

Talk about– “The sound of the letter is /a/ the” , “The name of the letter is A”.   (Do as many letters as time allows)

Options-              Letters –     

– Shapes       (with song)


(20mins)  Gross Motor (Focus on  Social, Large Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

Options-              See Distance Learning Plan–Go outside to play.  (Talk about safety),


(15mins) Small Group (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

—Use this to work on IEP Goals and Objectives.  (I will send you a brief summary of your child’s

Goals/Objectives. This will take me awhile!)

The IEP Goals/Objectives will be found in the large package you were sent home after your meeting with us/school.

(10mins) RECall–(Focus on  Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Large Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

( Recall- Talk about the day and the finger plays.  I let the students choose from pictures of fingerplays and songs.


-Try this website

-Make a placemat for student and can make one for each member of family.

(use Paper)


(10mins) (Focus on  Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Language)

Read time-Free read time or See above Book Time



-Sit with your child if they will not sit and look at a book alone.  Model turning pages, holding the book, pointing to pictures, etc.


Can repeat in afternoon 

If you have questions email, text, remind, call me!


PlayDough-book dr jean


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