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Hutsonville Autism I/II

Shari Eckert

April has brought flowers, showers, and thankfully warmth and sunshine! Our Unique Learning unit is Can I Buy It?  and our story is A Birthday Gift for Mom. Our vocabulary words are want, need, buy, sell, money, price, store, and shop. Our word wall words are it, no, have, new, their, want, should, book, buy, does, need, and money. We use our core vocabulary boards and incorporate so many of these words into our daily routine. Our social studies focus is wants and needs. In math we are counting ice cream cones, water, bananas, apples, and cookies. We have some fun things to request in pretend play and speech with Miss Pam using our boards and words to request.  Miss Jennifer has some fun spring activities for us in O.T., cutting and coloring spring pictures. We will have an Easter egg hunt on Thursday before our early dismissal.

Wishing you a Happy Spring & Easter!

Miss Shari

Upcoming dates:

Thursday,  April 18     Early Dismissal
Friday, April 19           No School
Monday, April 22         No School

Classroom Pictures

Solar System

We have been studying the solar system. We cut out a new planet each day, add to our solar system, learn facts about the planet, and sing the planet song.

We have also been experiencing quiet rest time where we calm our minds and bodies while listening to a story. We find comfortable seating and listen to our story. We are learning it is important to quiet our minds and practice our breathing.
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Field Trip


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