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Dear Parents,

You should have received the distance learning packet for your child. Please contact me with any questions and please check your REMIND and email for any distance learning updates. I hope you find the materials provided and the educational links suggested, helpful and fun for your child.

Thanks so much,

Shari Eckert


Happy Monday!

It is going to be a beautiful afternoon. Spend some time searching out the insects you can find in your yard. How many different bugs can you find. Remember that bug and insect are synonyms, words that mean the same thing. Can you find the insects in this story? How many legs does that bug have? Where did you find the insect? Was it on a tree, under the bush, in the dirt, crawling down the sidewalk, climbing up the post or fence? Have fun being an insect finder!

Miss Shari



This is a great story to read together as we are all stuck inside on a cold rainy day.
Take care!
Miss Shari


For art at home projects, a safe fingerprint recipe for your child. Enjoy!!

Happy Easter Week! Please read the Easter News 2 You with your child as we celebrate Easter this week! Take the opportunity to talk about the colors as you dye Easter eggs. Count the eggs you may hide in the yard. Hide them under, behind, on top, in front, between things to find. Who finds the most eggs? Which color has more? Which color has less? Draw eggs on the sidewalk or patio with chalk. Practice hopping like a bunny across your yard!


Happy Easter Week!
Miss Shari



Use this beautiful spring weather as a great opportunity to be outdoors and while out there let’s count things we see. There is a book attached as an example. Try some of the following activities:


1. Find rocks and count them. Group them into piles of more and less. Find out which pile has the most.
2. Look for birds in the tree. How many are there? If another lands in the tree, how many are there now? If one flies away, how many are there now?
3. How many flowers are blooming? How many in each bunch? Add them together. How many all together? If you pick one, how many do you have now?
4. Count the trees in your yard. How many are there? Which one is the tallest? Which one is the shortest?
5. Watch your shadows in the sun. Who has the longest shadow? Who has the shortest shadow?
6.  Write numbers 1-10 in chalk on the sidewalk. Trace the numbers your parent makes.
Have fun being outside and make it a fun counting time for you and your child! ūüôā



This week’s newsletter is an opportunity to share information on the coronavirus with your child. I have attached the communication board to help support the language in the story. Point to the words on the board as you read and discuss the story and have your child point to them as you do.



Schools Closed Social Story About Staying Home


This is a great book for the seasons as the weather is changing. Look for signs of spring as you spend time outdoors: weather, grass, budding/blooming, birds, animals.



Here is an app that the students enjoy in the classroom as a reinforcement. Marco Polo Weather allows them to explore different types of weather and seasons. It is free to download. It can enhance your discussion of the calendar and weather each day. You can explore the calendar on Unique program as well.
Watch “MARCOPOLO WEATHER Game for Kids (Gameplay, Walkthrough) iOS: iPhone, iPad / Android” on YouTube


Please use the following story to help your child identify with the range of feelings they might be experiencing at this time. You can talk about activities they might do at home to feel happy, or less sad, mad, or confused.



March 2020 News

We marched into March and Spring will soon be springing!¬† We are studying the Unique curriculum ‚ÄúExploring Sight and Sound‚ÄĚ.¬† Our story is ‚ÄúWhat Did Paris Hear‚ÄĚ and our vocabulary is¬†eye, ear, see, hear, loud, quiet, dark, light,¬†and¬†sound.¬†Our word wall words are¬†morning, not, black, at, her, will, his, next, room, white,¬†and¬†early.¬†We have a science focus with the language as we sort items into things we see and hear and we are watching our favorite Dr. Binoc videos which this month teach us about the ear, eye, and sound.¬† We are counting and adding birds, drums, and other things that make sound.¬† We are still counting by tens to 100.¬† We count by twos, both odd and even numbers during our calendar time each day. We have almost made it to our countdown to spring and are counting days to Summer Break to warm us up.¬† We are reading the book ‚ÄúSt. Patrick‚Äôs Day‚ÄĚ and we watch an online video along with the story.¬† Our quiet time visualization is Peace Out rainbow and our character word is respect .

March pretend play is turn taking games as well as using the magnetic tiles to build shapes and telling stories with what we have built.  Miss Pam and Miss Jennifer are busy seeing students for speech/language and occupational therapy sessions.  They plan a fun group each week for the students with St. Patrick’s and spring activities.

There are no early dismissal days in March.

Watch the website classroom page for Shari Eckert for pictures of class activities.

Please check your REMIND app regularly for any updates.  Please make sure to call any student absence to the elementary office or message the REMIND app.

Watch local stations for inclement weather days. And a reminder to parents is that the students go out for recess unless the temperature is below 30 degrees or if it is raining, please send a coat or jacket for those cooler spring days.

Happy Spring ahead!!

Miss Shari

Halloween Fun

Red Ribbon Week celebration continues with costume day and Halloween parade through the junior high, high school, and gymnasium! Our classroom had Josie portraying Elsa and Cayden portraying the pumpkin witch. 

Rockin’ Our Pajamas for Red Ribbon Week!

Speech Language with OT group with Miss Pam, Miss Jennifer, and Miss Erin. Picking up fall leaves from scooter board and making sensory bottles.

Firefighters visit our room to teach us fire safety.

Making Halloween treats for Hutsonville Grade School PreK – 2 for Speech Language & OT group.

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