SESE Procedure Manual

Procedure Manual

This manual may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Governing Board and/or the Director, whichever has appropriate jurisdiction, subject only to mandatory collective bargaining requirements.

SECTION 1 – School District Organization

1:20-AP      Administrative Procedure – Checklist for Handling Intergovernmental Agreement Requests

SECTION 2 – District Boards

2:80-E         Exhibit – Board Member Code of Conduct

2:100-AP    Administrative Procedure – “Statement of Economic Interests”

2:120-AP    Administrative Procedure – Governing and Executive Board Member Development

2:120-E2     Exhibit – Website Listing of Development and Training Completed by Board Members

2:125-E1     Exhibit – Board Member Travel Expense Voucher

2:125-E2     Exhibit – Board Member Travel Expense Purchase Order

2:140-E       Exhibit – Guidance for Board Member Communications, Including Email Use

2:150-AP    Administrative Procedure – Director Committees

2:160-E       Exhibit – Checklist for Selecting a Board Attorney

2:170-AP    Administrative Procedure – Qualification Based Selection

2:200-AP  Administrative Procedure – Types of School Board Meetings

2:220-E1    Exhibit – Board Treatment of Closed Meeting Verbatim Records and Minutes

2:220-E2    Exhibit – Motion to Adjourn to Closed Meeting

2:220-E3    Exhibit – Closed Meeting Minutes

2:220-E4    Exhibit – Open Meeting Minutes

2:220-E5    Exhibit – Semi-Annual Review of Closed Meeting Minutes

2:220-E6    Exhibit – Log of Closed Meeting Minutes

2:240-E1    Exhibit – PRESS Issue Updates

2:240-E2    Exhibit – Developing Local Policy

2:250-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Access To and Copying of District Public Records

2:250-AP2 Administrative Procedure – Protocols for Record Preservation and Development of Retention Schedules

2:250-E1    Exhibit – Written Request For District Public Records

2:250-E2    Exhibit – Immediately Available District Public Records and Web-Posted Reports and Records

2:250-E3    Exhibit – Recurrent Requester Notification

2:260-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Guidelines for Investigating Complaints and Allegations of Misconduct

2:260-AP2 Administrative Procedure – Nondiscrimination Coordinator and Complaint Manager

SECTION 3 – General School Administration

3:30-E        Exhibit – Organizational Chart for Administration

3:60-E        Exhibit – Reporting Requirements for Building Principals Concerning School Safety and Security

3:70-AP     Administrative Procedure – Succession Plan

SECTION 4 – Operational Services

4:15-AP      Administrative Procedure – Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers

4:15-E1      Exhibit – Letter to Employees Regarding Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers

4:15-E2      Exhibit – Statement of Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers

4:15-E3      Exhibit – Statement for Employee Manual or District Website Describing the District’s Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers

4:45-AP1    Administrative Procedure – Insufficient Fund Checks

4:55-AP      Administrative Procedure – Controls for the Use of District Credit and Procurement Cards

4:55-E         Exhibit – Cardholder’s Statement Affirming Familiarity with Requirements for Using District Credit and/or Procurement Cards

4:60-AP1    Administrative Procedure – Purchases

4:60-AP2    Administrative Procedure – Third Party Non-Instructional Contracts

4:60-AP3     Administrative Procedure – Criminal History Records Check of Contractor Employees

4:60-E          Exhibit – Notice to Contractors

4:70-AP       Administrative Procedure – Resource Conservation

4:80-AP       Administrative Procedure – Checklist for Internal Controls

4:160-AP     Administrative Procedure – Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

4:170-AP1   Administrative Procedure – Comprehensive Safety and Security Plan

4:170-AP1, E2 Exhibit – Memo to Staff Members Regarding Contacts by Media About a Crisis

4:170-AP2 Administrative Procedure – Routine Communications Concerning Safety and Security

4:170-AP2, E2 Exhibit – Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Educational Programs About the Dangers of Underage Drinking

4:170-AP2, E3 Exhibit – Letter to Parents/Guardians About Disruptive Social Media Apps; Dangers

4:170-AP2, E4 Exhibit – Letter to Parents/Guardians About Preventing and Reducing Incidences of Sexting

4:170-AP4   Administrative Procedure – National Terrorism Advisory System

4:175-AP1    Administrative Procedure – Criminal Offender Notification Laws; Screening

4:175-AP1, E1  Exhibit – Informing Parents/Guardians About Offender Community Notification Laws

SECTION 5 – Personnel

5:10-AP      Administrative Procedure – Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

5:20-AP      Administrative Procedure – Sample Questions for Conducting the Internal Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Investigation

5:20-AP, E1  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Witness

5:20-AP, E2  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Witness Student

5:20-AP, E3  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Witness Employee

5:20-AP, E4  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Complainant

5:20-AP, E5  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Complainant Student

5:20-AP, E6  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Complainant Employee

5:20-AP, E7  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Accused

5:20-AP, E8  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Accused Student

5:20-AP, E9  Exhibit – Investigation of Misconduct – Accused Employee

5:20-AP, E10  Exhibit – Investigation of Harassment – Student

5:20-AP, E11  Exhibit – Investigation of Harassment

5:20-AP, E12 Exhibit – Investigation Findings of Harassment

5:30-AP1    Administrative Procedure – Interview Questions

5:30-AP2    Administrative Procedure – Investigations

5:35-AP1     Administrative Procedure – Fair Labor Standards Act Exemptions

5:35-AP2    Administrative Procedure – Employee Records Required by the Fair Labor Standards Act

5:35-AP3    Administrative Procedure – Compensable Work Time for Non-Exempt Employees Under the FLSA

5:35-AP4    Administrative Procedure – Fair Labor Standards Act 12-Step Compliance Checklist

5:35-E         Exhibit – Volunteer Agreement Executed by a Non-Exempt Employee

5:40-AP     Administrative Procedure – Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease

5:60-AP     Administrative Procedure – Expenses

5:60-E       Exhibit – Employee Travel Expense Voucher

5:100-AP   Administrative Procedure – Staff Development Program

5:120-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Statement of Economic Interests for Employees

5:120-AP2  Administrative Procedure – Employee Conduct Standards

5:120-E       Exhibit – Code of Ethics for Illinois Educators

5:125-E      Exhibit – Employee Receipt of Board Policy on Personal Technology and Social Media

5:130-AP   Administrative Procedure – Email Retention

5:150-AP   Administrative Procedure – Personnel Records

5:170-AP1  Administrative Procedure – Copyright Compliance

5:170-AP2  Administrative Procedure – Seeking Permission to Copy or Use Copyrighted Works

5:170-AP3  Administrative Procedure – Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed Within the Scope of Employment

5:170-AP4   Administrative Procedure – Designation of District Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent; Registration Process

5:170-E       Exhibit – Request to Reprint or Adapt Material

5:185-AP Administrative Procedure – Resource Guide for Family and Medical Leave

5:190-AP    Administrative Procedure – Plan to Ensure That All Teachers Who Teach Core Academic Subjects Are Highly Qualified

5:190-E1     Exhibit – Notice to Parents of Their Right to Request Their Child’s Classroom Teachers’ Qualifications

5:190-E2    Exhibit – Notice to Parents When Their Child Is Assigned To or Has Been Taught for at Least Four Straight Weeks By a Teacher Who Is Not Highly Qualified

5:190-E3    Exhibit – Letter to Teacher Who Is Not Highly Qualified

5:220-AP   Administrative Procedure – Substitute Teachers

5:220-E      Exhibit – Unsatisfactory Performance Report for Substitute Teachers

5:240-AP    Administrative Procedure – Suspensions

5:270-E       Exhibit – Notice of Employment

SECTION 6 – Instruction

6:40-AP     Administrative Procedure – Curriculum Development

6:60-AP Administrative Procedure – Comprehensive Health Education Program

6:60-E        Exhibit – Notice to Parents/Guardians of Students Enrolled in Family Life and Sex Education Classes

6:70-AP      Administrative Procedure – Teaching About Religions

6:120-AP1 Administrative Procedure – Special Education Procedures Assuring the Implementation of Comprehensive Programming for Children with Disabilities

6:120-AP1, E1  Exhibit – Notice to Parents/Guardians Regarding Section 504 Rights

6:120-AP1, E2 Exhibit – Special Education Required Notice and Consent Forms

6:120-AP2 Administrative Procedure – Access to Classrooms and Personnel

6:120-AP2, E1 Exhibit – Request to Access Classroom(s) or Personnel for Special Education Evaluation and/or Observation Purposes

6:120-AP3  Administrative Procedure – Service Animals

6:120-AP3, E1  Exhibit – Guidelines for Service Animals in School Facilities

6:120-AP4   Administrative Procedure – Care of Students with Diabetes

6:235-AP1    Administrative Procedure – Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks

6:235-AP1, E1  Exhibit – Student Authorization for Electronic Network Access

6:235-AP1, E2  Exhibit – Staff Authorization for Electronic Network Access

6:235-AP2     Administrative Procedure – Web Publishing Guidelines

6:235-E3       Exhibit – Online Privacy Statement

6:235-E4       Exhibit – Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Safe on Social Networks

6:240-AP      Administrative Procedure – Field Trip Guidelines

6:250-AP      Administrative Procedure – Securing and Screening Resource Persons and Volunteers

6:250-E         Exhibit – Resource Person and Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability

6:260-E        Exhibit – Curriculum Objection

6:280-AP Administrative Procedure – Evaluating and Reporting Student Achievement

SECTION 7 – Students

7:15-E            Exhibit – Notification to Parents of Family Privacy Rights

7:20-AP         Administrative Procedure – Harassment of Students Prohibited

7:140-AP       Administrative Procedure – Use of Metal Detectors for Student Safety

7:150-AP       Administrative Procedure – Agency and Police Interviews

7:180-AP1       Administrative Procedure – Prevention, Identification, Investigation, and Response to Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1, E1  Exhibit – Resource Guide for Bullying and School Violence Prevention

7:180-AP1, E2  Exhibit – Be a Hero by Reporting Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1, E3  Exhibit – Memo to Staff Regarding Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1, E4  Exhibit – Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1, E5  Exhibit – Report Form for Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1, E6  Exhibit – Interview Form for Bullying and School Violence Investigation

7:180-AP1, E7  Exhibit – Response to Bullying and School Violence

7:190-AP1        Student Handbook – Hazing Prohibited

7:190-AP2       Student Handbook – Gang Activity Prohibited

7:190-AP3       Administrative Procedure – Guidelines for Reciprocal Reporting of Criminal Offenses Committed by Students

7:190-AP4       Administrative Procedure – Use of Isolated Time Out and Physical Restraint

7:190-E2          Exhibit – Student Handbook Checklist

7:280-E1          Exhibit – Placement of Students with AIDS

7:280-E2         Exhibit – Reporting and Exclusion Requirements for Common Communicable Diseases

7:280-E3         Exhibit – Preventing Staphylococcal Infections for Schools

7:285-AP         Administrative Procedure – Implementing a Food Allergy Management Program

7:340-AP1, E2  Exhibit – Using a Photograph or Video Recording of a Student

7:340-AP2       Administrative Procedure – Storage and Destruction of School Student Records

7:340-AP2, E1  Exhibit – Letter Containing Schedule for Destruction of Student Records

SECTION 8 – Community Relations

8:20-E               Exhibit – Application and Procedures for Use of School Facilities

8:25-AP Administrative Procedure – Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities

8:30-AP            Administrative Procedure – Definition of Child Sex Offender

8:95-AP            Administrative Procedure – Parental Involvement

8:95-E1             Exhibit – Letter Notifying Parents/Guardians of School Visitation Rights

8:95-E2            Exhibit – Verification of School Visitation

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