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How fitting to have ice cream cake for Kamron’s summer birthday (8/6) after a week of extreme heat. Happy Birthday, Kamron!

Twins day at OES

Hey, look, Mr Williams twin sister showed up. Say hello to Jonathena. She got the blonde hair and he got the brunette hair.

We have a triplet, Jonette. We are so glad to meet her!

We celebrated Mrs. Dycus 30th birthday with her fav red velvet cake.

Austin and Evin having fun with social skills Jenga (Totika)

We celebrated Ms. Goss’s 24th birthday. She’s our youngin! Enjoyed red velvet and lemon cupcakes from Mrs. Rennier’s kitchen.

We had a pizza party today and invited our special guest. Thank you Officer Williamson for being there when we need you.

All of ED celebrated Mrs B’s birthday on Halloween.

We are getting ready for Christmas. We hope Santa will fill our stockings!

We celebrated Mrs Rennier’s birthday with a fruit pizza. Her birthday was actually on December 26th but we were not in school. Also she is slightly dyslexic. She is actually 56. LOL

Happy 14th birthday to Evin! 

EDIII celebrating birthdays. Mrs Fuesting on March 23, Mrs. Bruner on March 29, and Mrs. Lidy on March 30. 

We celebrated Chase’s 14th birthday in the middle of IAR tests.

Austin will be 15 on June 8. We decided to celebrate a little early with a cherry cheesecake. Happy birthday Austin!

Alex came to us late but we still wanted to make him feel special. He turned 14 on September 3rd.  He asked for an Oreo cookie cake.

We celebrated Quienton’s 13th birthday with an ice cream cake.

Chief Williamson came by to give our boys a pep talk. He’s the best! Thanks for coming when we need you.

Getting ready for graduation! 

A little whipped cream in the face.

Michael practicing for graduation and our party table.

We all love working together.

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