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8th grade Graduation

8th grade Graduates

Field Trip at Ms. Robyn’s House

Disability Acceptance Week

We would like to invite you to join us during the Disability Acceptance week we have organized for North Clay’s students and staff.  We are hosting Disability Acceptance week during the week of April 22 and we are highlighting Language and Speech Awareness, Cerebral Palsy, Physical Disabilities, Down Syndrome, and Intellectual Disability.  We are also having each individual in the building color a crayon and we will have the crayons displayed throughout the building.  We are going with the theme, “A Spectrum of Wonderful”.  

Have a great week!

Disability Acceptance Week 2024

One of our students asked if North Clay can raise money for people with cancer.  Today was wear a hat for a $1.00 day to raise money for Clay County Cancer Crusaders.

Classroom Pictures

Music with 5th Grade friends

A special gift from a good friend!

Whitley made a blanket for each of our students.

Mrs. Washburn’s class met the Grinch!

Laundry Day

Community Ag Service Projects with Ms. Lawnee


Fun in Music!

First Day Pictures

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